Massage Therapy

Trained by Claire Maxwell-Hudson

Kathy is a highly qualified Massage Therapist trained by Clare Maxwell-Hudson who is widely regarded as the leading authority on Massage Therapy. Massage is wonderfully rejuvenating, to mind, body and spirit. Help yourself melt away life's stress as Kathy's healing hands give you the custom made treatment your body requires.

All sessions have a minimum one hour charge for the call out fee. A sliding scale of charges apply. Fair pricing for a great service.

Massage has enormous health benefits in general life and before and after surgery. It has been scientifically proven that it can loosen tight muscles and tone lose muscles. In addition, if a person has massage before and after surgery the pre op and the recovery stages run much more smoothly and people heal better and more quickly.

Kathy has been the (Underwear On) Massage Expert for Durex International.


Tel. 07932 737 813